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Round 3 Check in and Launch Announced

Round 3 for Season 2 on Sommervile Lake has arrived!

Launch time: 6:45am | 15 Minute ride through concludes with Lines in at 7:00 am. Check in and Launch will be from Site 44 in Rocky Creek Park on Lake Somerville. See below for the map and directions:


Launch Order for Round 3 is the following:

1 Frank Sharkey / Zach Deason
2 Rebecca Sharkey / Joe Sharkey
3 Mark Mitchell / Summer Van
4 Stephen Hernandez / Timothy Jones
5 Steven Nieto / Anthony Talton
Our payout structure for this round is as follows:
1st Place $300.00
2nd Place $200.00
Big Bass $50.00
Championship Forward: $50.00
Officials Fund: $25.00
Here are our zones for Round 3: 

Comments: 2

  • stephen.hernandez1220
    December 14, 2018 2:08 pm

    If I am understanding this correctly, do the zones coincide with the periods?