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ProAm Bass Trails is now sanctioned by Skeeter

That’s right you’ve read correctly. Thanks to our sponsors at Texas Boat World in Harker Heights, Texas Skeeter Real Money is now an authorized contingency payout for a Pro Am Bass Trails event. Not familiar with Skeeter Real money here are some specifics.

The purpose of the Skeeter Boat’s 2017 Real Money program is to reward Skeeter/Yamaha owners, which means Real Money for you. For decades, Skeeter anglers have enjoyed the most winning program in the industry providing incentives for real anglers nationwide. No other contingency program recognizes such a broad selection of events in so many places. Thousands of events qualify for contingency payments. Check their website,, for the most complete list of Contingency Paying Events. A printed list of Contingency Paying Events may be requested by calling Skeeter Boats Real Money Headquarters at (903) 983-5657. More Money in More Places makes Skeeter the leader in tournament fishing contingency postings.

  • $3,000 = Fish & Win a Contingency Paying Event using your 2017 Skeeter Boat powered by a 225 horsepower Yamaha engine or larger and you will be eligible for $3,000 for a Win*.
  • $1,000 = Fish & Win a Contingency Paying Event using your 2017 Skeeter boat powered by a 200 horsepower Yamaha engine or a 2016 Skeeter boat powered by a 225 horsepower Yamaha engine or larger and you will be eligible for $1,000 for a Win*.
  • $500 = Fish & Win a Contingency Paying Event using your Skeeter boat powered by Yamaha and you will be eligible for $500 for a Win*.

*Subject to Rules and Conditions. To be eligible for incentives you must register prior to participating in a Contingency Paying Event.


  • Real Money Program dates are from January 1, through December 31, 2017.
  • Win shall be defined as “first place”.
  • Angler may win up to three (3) times per calendar year.
  • Only Wins of those Contingency Paying Events posted on are eligible for payments. Contingency Paying Events may be added or deleted solely by Skeeter at any time.
  • Only events with sixty (60) or more competing anglers will be considered for contingency payments, even if listed on website or in printed program information. Meaning, if the Contingency Paying Event has less than sixty (60) competing anglers, it shall not be subject to a contingency payment.
  • Persons employed by Skeeter Boats Inc., Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, or its affiliated companies are not eligible for this Real Money Program or program payments.
  • Skeeter Team Members are eligible for this Real Money Program.
  • Must fish from your Skeeter boat with a YamahaEngine.
  • Registered owner’s name and winner must be the same name on warranty and/or state registration at the
    time of Win.
  • Must be wearing a Skeeter or Yamaha shirt and/or hat with logo exposure on/during competition days
    when permitted.
  • Must display Skeeter Real Money Program decal on driver’s windshield/console of boat you are fishing from
    when permitted.
  • Must display SKEETER truck decal.
  • Tournament Finish Affidavit Forms available online at or by calling (903) 983-5657, must be submitted within 30-days of tournament Win for eligibility review and qualification incentive. (Please allow four to six weeks for approval and processing).
  • Co-anglers or non-boaters fishing from a Skeeter boat, even though they may own one, are not eligible. They must fish from their Skeeter boat and be classified as a single participant in the Contingency Paying Event.
  • In the event of a team-sanctioned event, only one Contingency Payment will be paid to the owner of the boat anglers are fishing from.
  • Contingency Payments will be awarded only to single overall winner of a Contingency Paying Event. Big fish awards, ties, and winners decided by chance are not eligible.
  • Concurrent Contingency Paying Events, where two or more events take place at the same time and allow entrants in each event to use the same fish for both weigh-ins, are NOT eligible.
  • The Skeeter owner is responsible for submitting the timely and completed Skeeter Real Money Registration Form to Skeeter Boats Inc.
  • The angler is responsible for providing authentic and official verification of both ownership of the Skeeter/Yamaha package and a tournament Win and any other rules and condition requirements and guidelines.
  • Skeeter Boats reserves the right to enhance, change, alter, modify, or terminate the Real Money program at its sole discretion at any time. Final Real Money Program eligibility and contingency payment authorization will be determined only by Skeeter Boats.
  • Income and other taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.
  • The winning Skeeter owner is responsible for submitting the completed Official Tournament Finish Affidavit and results of Win showing all participating anglers and W-9 to:

For additional information on Skeeter Real Money visit As the guidelines and results are posted here it is ultimately the anglers responsibility to adhere to the guidelines set forth by Skeeter in order to receive their contingency payout.

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