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Multiple Routes to the Championship!

We’ve created multiple routes to the Championship! We understand everyone has varying degrees of life schedules so we’ve created more than one way for you to qualify for the championship. Here’s how it works:

This season we will run our traditional 6 round season, however each of the five rounds will have that rounds 1st place finisher receive a guaranteed slot within the 26 Angler championship field. SOMEWHERE amongst the six round season will feature one (1) SUDDEN DEATH round. The sudden death round will run a normal three period fishing day but will also feature a cut weight. During the Sudden Death round the first five anglers to cross the cut weight will receive a guaranteed spot in the 26 Angler championship field. This means there are 10 guaranteed spots available out of the 26 angler championship field. Once the cut weight is complete everyone continues to fish for points. Point standings and payouts for the Sudden death round remain the same.

Having a guaranteed slot does not make you fully eligible for the Championship. In order to be fully eligible you must either compete in / pay for a combination of four out of six rounds during the regulation season. This means you can place first in an event and sit the rest of the season out provided you pay for or fish an additional three events.

Angler of the Year points standings accumulate as normal so any event you don’t fish you don’t earn points for. This gives you the option of choosing HOW you want to navigate the season. The remaining 16 slots that aren’t pre-slotted are issued to qualified anglers in order of points after completion of round 6. Good Luck! See our frequently asked questions for clarification or contact us!

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