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Lake Bastrop Hosts Round 5

On Saturday March 30th, 2019, Lake Bastrop will host the 5th round of the 2018 Texas Solo Division of the Pro Am Bass Trails. Our field this round consists of 6 anglers traveling from across Texas. Managed under the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Lake Bastrop sports a maximum depth of 60 feet and spans 900 square acres. Below are the zones our anglers will be fishing this event.

Our anglers will be reporting to South Shore Park where PABT staff will be running this event from the grey canopy with vehicle hazard lights turned on. Reporting time and safety brief for Anglers and Officials will be 6:00 am for this event. Launch will begin at safe light followed by the 15 minute ride through.

This weekend payout is as follows:

1st Place: $360.00
2nd Place: $240.00
Big Bass: $60.00

This event our anglers have a 50% chance of taking home monies based on the field to payout ration. Cash payout for this event is 88%.

Let’s meet our anglers for this weekend’s event and their Launch Order!

  1. Frank Sharkey | Abby Stacks
  2. Rebecca Sharkey | Staff
  3. Jason Larson | Patricia Prater
  4. Billy Prater | Ronnie Lowden
  5. Leonard Phillip | Summer Van
  6. Michael Stokes | Frank Sharkey III

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