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Going Pro with Contingense

I Wanna Go Pro.

No, we’re not talking about sports action cameras.

We’ve recently received several messages from anglers whose mission is to understand how to make the leap from weekend warrior to a full time professional angler. There’s varying opinions, and hopefully this might help those with the same intent, and questions.

What do I need to do to become a fishing pro? Current touring pros are asked this question often on social media and at fishing shows. I have heard them answer this question in many ways but often they say something like this..“Spend as much time on the water as you can fishing and learning all you can.”

It’s not easy to become a pro. Many guys are looking at the pro tours this year and seeing rookies winning big prizes. So the weekend angler maybe be thinking “Hey, if they can do it why can’t I?” Well those current rookies may make it look easy. However, if you spend some time around them, they will tell you their road has not been easy. There are countless stories of how they have had to juggle finances just to stay on the road, and wondering how they’ll make the next payment. It’s not all glamour.

So why do you want to become a pro? You want to fish for a living? You do realize it is not always just fishing. Working with sponsors, driving hundreds of miles across country, working shows, talking to fans and countless others is a big job. It’s not always fishing every day. And, there’s the opinion that fishing its a gravy job. It’s anything but that!

Here are some suggestions from us here at Contingense.

  1. It’s an education
    • Spend time on the water learning new, and time tested techniques on how to catch fish in varying conditions, and seasons. Fish your strengths, and improve your weaknesses.
    • Spend time learning different bodies of water. (Rivers, Upland Reservoirs, Lakes, etc)
    • Learn your electronics!!!!
  2. Be a Believer
    • Find, and use products that you can totally believe in
    • Establish a relationship with those companies, from a humble perspective.
  3. Earn it, and don’t beg
    • If you wanna really get the attention of a potential sponsor, don’t show up at the local fishing show in a jersey and beg for sponsors. BIG NO-NO!
    • Use their product and get their attention buy being successful at using their product and fishing
    • It’s all results based.
    • Be a good marketer, and salesman, but be passionate, and believable
  4. Get their attention
    • Use bonus programs to your advantage. After writing your name several times, they’ll start noticing! Additionally, you’ll be building your fishing savings account.
    • Use social media to your advantage, in a professional and personal method
  5. WIN!
    • You can’t move up until you win at the level you’re currently at
    • Be socially thankful and be honest in the elements that helped you win

Not everyone that tries will be a fishing pro. Fish your local club or weekend event and do your best. The fact is, you can actually make a decent paycheck by NOT becoming a touring pro on your home waters, and regional events.

Register for all the bonus programs that you qualify for and utilize for all news and updates. Win more money and use it to fish more tourneys!

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Blessings, and Best Finishes!




Jason Baggett

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