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Fayette County Lake Hosts Round 4

Fayette County, Texas is ground zero for the 4th round of the Texas Divisions solo cup. $880.00 in total cash is set to be paid out across two places and our big bass angler for this event. Fayette county lake is known for it’s ability to produce fish during the cold months with the help of its power plant facility. This well known lake is also known for angler Mike Richardson’s impressive 100 lb. total catch a year prior. Let’s see if our anglers can achieve the same fate. An additional $80.00 will be moving forward to the championship and $40.00 to the officials appreciation fund.

Our 7 angler field Round 4 will be launching in the following order and their official:

  1. Craig Gilbert | Frank Sharkey III
  2. Benny Love | Carla Gilbert
  3. Frank Sharkey Jr | Kelly Johnson
  4. Luke Sims | Greg Boik
  5. Rebecca Sharkey | Patricia Prater
  6. Stephen Hernandez | Zoe Deason
  7. Newcomer Bill Prater | Summer Van

The Pro Am Team and anglers will be operating and launching out of OAK THICKET Park to fish the following zones:


The payout structure for this event is as follows:

1st Place: $480.00

2nd Place: $320.00

Big Bass: $80.00

As of Friday evening one angler was forced to withdraw. Payouts have not been affected.

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  • oldshark68
    February 15, 2019 8:53 pm

    Looking forward to this, good luck everyone