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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there a league membership fee? 

Yes, there is a $50.00 fee to be eligible to fish and be performance ranked against other anglers in the league.

  • What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is currently $150.00 / angler – unless otherwise stated by an authorized director. 

  • What is the payout?

Pro Am events have an 80% cash payout based on registrants.

  • Are all the lakes going to be in Texas?

No, we’re considering lakes in Oklahoma and Louisiana as event locations for future events. Lake selection will be primarily driven by registrant locations. During this initial season events will primarily be within the Texas state line.

  • Who could I contact about being a boat official / marshall?

Please send us an email by clicking here, or send a message on Facebook.

  • How many events will there be in a season?

Right now there are six (6) planned events with a two day Championship event. Please see the schedule

  • What is the performance tracker and it’s purpose?

The performance tracker is designed to rank anglers against one another in ways outside of “league wins”. This calculation is designed to rank and angler based on their ability to consistently put score-able bass in the boat. The Performance Rating is calculated as score-able bass over bass caught per event. The final ranking is a cumulative average of all that anglers events fished. See the performance tracker for additional information. 

  • How many slots are there in the Championship?

       There are 26 slots in the championship. The first place angler from each round except the sudden death round will be pre-slotted for the championship. The first 5 Anglers to cross the cut line during sudden death will be granted a slot in the championship.

  • If I have been pre-slotted for the Championship, am I qualified?

No, even if pre-slotted you must fish in / pay for a combined total of four rounds in order to be fully eligible.

  • I’ve committed to a sponsorship package however I do not yet see my logo, why?
    • Only committed sponsors who have fulfilled their end of the agreement will receive their placement or announcement of the partnership. Once the end item is received will we fulfill our end of the obligation.