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Alive and Well

Blessings to you all! A number of rumors have circulated stating that we were not returning for a second season and that this format was dead. This is your official source saying we are definitely NOT dead and to not believe the rumors or return here to verify them. This past summer we’ve gone through a turbulent transition and our core team used their summer as it should have been. To be with their families and enjoy the summer.

We’ve had numerous meetings over the summer and we have a schedule with lakes locked in and ready to go. Please stay tuned for rapid updates!

We’ve received a number of the suggestions and criticisms from the angling community and we have taken them into account. Ultimately we’ve made a number of changes to the format and the rules to ensure the continuity of the grassroots MLF style sport. We’ve also expanded into the Oklahoma and Kansas region thanks to a pledge of support and commitment to partnership from the Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism.

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