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This year our championship field begins building itself from the onset of round 1. Every first place victor earns a berth into the championship, but must still become eligible. Eligibility means the angler MUST fish or pay for 4 out of 6 events in order to become fully eligible regardless of how many points they have.

Angler of the Year contention is still based off of overall points so even if an angler is fully eligible they must continue to compete and catch fish in order to generate points towards AoY.

Angler NameQualified ByChampionship Eligible

Remaining Rounds for Eligibility
Jason LarsonRound 1 BerthYes1
Dean AlexanderRound 2 BerthYes3
Frank SharkeyRound 3 BerthYes0
Rebecca SharkeyRound 4 BerthYes0
Leonard Phillip Sudden Death QualifierYes0
Benny LoveSudden Death QualifierYes1
Michael StokesSudden Death QualifierYes1
Craig GilbertYes2