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The Pro Am Bass Trails were founded in 2017 by Linwood Cottner Jr after receiving a vision of the immediate catch and release tournament structure being fished by everyday people. The Pro Am’s were birthed after much deliberation and information gathering amongst the fishing community.  The ultimate goals of the Pro Am Bass Trails are to create an affordable venue for people to experience the unique format that is catch and release while protecting the already over fished lakes of the Central Region.

This format is ever grown and evolving based on lessons learned and input from the angling community. The final vision for what the trail will ultimately become is yet to be revealed but much care, prayer, and sought direction from God is being put into the development, and execution of the Pro Am Trails.

This format will prove to be a venue which will challenge central region anglers into refining their fishing style and hopefully give us all a new window into tournament competition.  One of the greatest challenges in hosting this format is maintaining a healthy pool of officials. We’re excited to open this series up with its upcoming inaugural event. If you or anyone you know are interested in being involved with this series please don’t hesitate to contact us.